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Introducing the Dog House Podcast from The studios.
Amarillo’s unofficial podcast for all things Sod Poodles in The Yellow City.
Hosted by three baseball fanatics who have dreamed about Professional Baseball returning to Amarillo, Texas.

Apr 22, 2019

Episode 5!

Thank you again to Blue Sky on Western for providing our recording space for this episode and to our sponsor, Lindsey Custom Builders Angel Fire NM, for making another episode possible!

In this episode the guys have a lot to say about Pedro Avila and Buddy (“Stud-dy”) Reed, The Home Run Party Lights, and the overall talent on the Sod Poodle team (from fast pitches to infield defense).

The guys teach Jessica a new baseball term and she questions not being able to see the floating strike zone in real life. “Oh I know what home plate is. It’s my favorite diner.”

Carson Leverett also tells the fans where they can find The Sod Poodle Anthem.

Click the link to watch a GoPro point-of-view experience riding the bike trails at Angel Fire Bike Park

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