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Introducing the Dog House Podcast from The studios.
Amarillo’s unofficial podcast for all things Sod Poodles in The Yellow City.
Hosted by three baseball fanatics who have dreamed about Professional Baseball returning to Amarillo, Texas.

Aug 22, 2019

⚾️ Episode 16 is up now! ⚾️


You’re sure to catch a good laugh with this one! The guys talk about participating in between inning events, Wellman’s 1200th win, the Padres prospects, Michael coining “Stud-dy Reed” (formerly known as Buddy Reed). Also, the guys try to convince Michael to get a Sod Poodle...

Aug 12, 2019

⚾️ Episode 15 is up now! ⚾️

This episode is sure to make you laugh! The guys talk about the new Sod Poodle players - MacKenzie Gore (aka “The Real Dill Pickle”) and Taylor Trammel (the Padres recent acquisition from the Reds). They also talk about the next players they’re predicting to be called up to...